This website is a compilation of articles and musings written by Daniel Kim on various topics ranging from design, development, creativity, religion, etc. Currently, I have written a total of 6 posts.

Originally a process control design engineer working in the pharmaceutical / biotech industry, I converted to software development due to my love for creating and solving things. I am blessed and privileged to spend every day doing what I love.

Since the summer of 2018, I have been calling the beautiful city of San Francisco my home. Having spent most of my life in North Carolina, I travelled across the country in hopes of challenging myself both as a developer and as an individual. What a wonderful experience is has been thus far!

I love learning new ways to solve old problems. Technology, food, and weight training are loves of mine.

What I am currently doing?

Currently, I spend my days working at Vlocity, Inc building the company's award winning product OmniScriptTMand DataRaptorTM.

If I'm not coding or working out at the gym, I am probably stuffing my face with some amazing street delicacies.

What are my professional experiences?

If you want to learn more about my professional experiences, reach out to me via LinkedIn or email. You can also checkout my resume.

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